Get a VPS for your SEO needs and supercharge your websites

Are you not tired of poor performance?


One of the main problems with most VPS providers is this. They don’t understand what sort of stress SEO tools put on their system. Let’s take GSA as an example. GSA on a poorly setup or oversold server can become crippling to not only the server but the whole user experience. You can see constant lag, it may take forever to actually connect you to the machine and once your connected to it, it takes you forever and a day to actually complete your tasks.

How do I know this?

Simple, I am just like you, I create income online by using SEO tools and ranking websites in competitive niches, I have extensive knowledge and experience in most SEO tools ranging from Xrumer (limited knowledge) to GSA and beyond. I was fed up of trekking through the normal VPS companies and finding their performance sucked.

How we began

I’ve been a techy for quite some time and know my way around a server, so when I was fed up of the poor performance that I was being offered I decided to setup my own server. From this I worked out that if you weren’t greedy and didn’t oversell the VPS the performance was astonishing. So now after 6 month’s of running and having very few complaints we are happy to announce we are now selling to everyone.

How long will the setup take?

Generally, it will take us around 2 hours to setup a server, provided it is ordered within our office hours, less time if we have an OS already installed. A server will take no longer than 24 hours to setup in any circumstance.